Providing Meaningful Health and Wellness Information through Applied Artificial Intelligence

Health is more than fitness

Health Gauge tracks and analyses your health numbers, empowering you to take action and live a fuller life. By regularly measuring Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen, and Activity Levels, you can better understand and improve your health. Knowledge is life.


High Blood Pressure is the #1 cause of strokes and #1 cause of heart attacks

High Blood Pressure can also cause vision loss, kidney failure, and erectile dysfunction.

80% of premature strokes, heart disease, and related health conditions can be prevented


People with a lower heart rate:
  • live longer life
  • are happier
  • have greater physical performance
  • have improved cognitive performance
  • have lower blood pressure


By measuring Pulse Wave Velocity, it is easy to know how healthy your arteries are. When the artery lining stiffens, the heart has to work harder to pump blood, causing Pulse Wave Velocity and Blood Pressure to increase.


Artery stiffening leads to increased pulse wave velocity and higher Blood Pressure


30 min/day of exercise
  • help control weight gain
  • strengthen bones and muscle
  • improve mental health
  • helps you live longer
  • reduce all-cause mortality by 30%


Higher blood oxygen levels
  • better cognitive performance
  • more effective workouts
  • healthier organs

Benefits of Health Gauge

  • Get accurate information about your health
  • Be informed of health issues before they become serious
  • Reduce risks of heart disease and related conditions by through better measuring blood pressure regularly
  • Ensure your body is functioning at its best

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