The heart is essentially the body’s engine whose primary task is in moving blood, nutrients, and oxygen throughout the body. There is a tremendous amount of information and data that can be encapsulated in the whole of the cardiovascular system.

Using specialized sensors and techniques, Health Gauge can capture and analyses this intricate data. A digitized pulse and digitized electrocardiogram taken simultaneously can inform you of a number of important attributes including blood pressure, pulse wave velocity, and oxygen saturation.


Many people aren’t aware that they are at risk of developing hypertension and other cardiovascular health conditions. According to Center for Disease Control, more than 33% of adults aged 45 and over have hypertension.

Our health is constantly changing depending on our lifestyle and choices. Now, with Health Gauge, individuals can get deeper context into how elements of their life affect their health.

Health Gauge allows people to easily measure and understand their health, so that they can address pre-existing and developing problems and work towards a heathier self.


Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a medical test that measures the electrical activity of your heart. The heart sends electrical impulses that move like waves, making the heart contract and relax as it pumps blood.

Health Gauge’s ECG uses a 2-contact solution that can pick up anomalies in electrical impulses. If your heart beats too slow, too fast, or irregularly, Health Gauge provide an early warning to see a doctor, and address the health concern before it worsens.

In addition to ECG, Health Gauge also captures simultaneous digital pulse using specialized Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors. This provides additional pulse and heart data.

ECG and digital pulse can be measured quickly and consistently within a 15 second timeframe.


The heart pumps blood through a highly complex system of arteries & capillaries, and returns through a system of venules & veins.

High blood pressure can lead to stiffening and clogging of the arteries, making it more difficult for the heart to pump blood. This lessens the amount of nutrients and oxygen the body receives, causing organs to perform less optimally, and can lead to health conditions like strokes, kidney failure, and heart attacks.

According to the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation, 80% of these cardiovascular related conditions can be prevented with lifestyle choices and regular health monitoring. With Health Gauge, it has never been easier to monitor blood pressure and health.


Machine Learning makes it possible not only to discern patterns, but to increase in accuracy as more data is captured. Machine Intelligence goes beyond machine learning: it is able to make predictions and detect anomalies. It is able to learn continuously and in a way that more closely resembles the human mind.

Machine Intelligence and Learning refers to a specialized field of computing science. Based on the data that Health Gauge captures, both individualized and population correlations can be interpreted and provide insights into current health patterns.

Case Studies

Health Gauge will be undergoing two important case studies in 2018. The first is with the Alberta Health Services, working with patients who have an ongoing need to monitor their health, and in analysing cardiovascular trends to further solution validation.

The second will be with the International Centre for Disease Research, Bangladesh – focusing on eclampsia (hypertension that occurs due to pregnancy), with the objective of helping to better determine and address health needs of women who are at greater risk.

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